Origin Story!

J For Jetpack with Terry Brooks

Paul and James with the legendary Terry Brooks

In 2012 Paul met James and they bonded instantly over a shared love of science fiction and a mutual dislike of fish. James also quite liked Paul’s t-shirt, though he can’t recall what was on it.

Whatever. The point is that Paul and James both have so much passion for all things genre that it leaves them bouncing around like hyperactive toddlers on a sugar rush. The natural solution was to create an outlet for this energy and enthusiasm, which just so happens to be the website you’re reading right now.

There’s no grand plan or mission statement here. J For Jetpack is simply about celebrating fantasy and science fiction in all their glory – and bringing you along for the ride.

Hopefully you’ll have a blast.

Paul and James

– J For Jetpack


Paul Wiseall PaulBioPic

After a long and successful career as a child actor, Paul Wiseall went on to achieve worldwide fame when he recorded everyone’s favourite party song, ‘Your Knees Are Getting Wet (Better Put ‘Em Behind Your Head)’. That song reached number #1 in 29 countries and ten years on, the royalties are still Paul’s primary source of income.

Paul was Features Editor for Fantasy Faction before deciding jetpacks were more fun. He lives in London, where he works in digital marketing and wishes he had a dog.




James Long

James was a child of the eighties, meaning he grew up on a healthy diet of Transformers, Ghostbusters and Thundercats. Much of his younger years were spent playing Fighting Fantasy gamebooks and waiting for Commodore 64 games to load.

For several years he ran the popular genre blog Speculative Horizons.  James lives in London, where he somehow manages to make a living editing books about monsters and spaceships.



Jetpack Wordmonkeys!


headshot 1Celeste Sharp Born on the same small rock as Man of Steel, Henry Caville, Celeste used to believe she could fly… Coincidence? Probably. But also an illustration of her over-active imagination.

She eventually did what all fantasy prone children do and absorbed herself in make-believe through books, TV and film. She can usually be found with a good book and a giant cup of tea.

Twitter – @Celesteosharp


Craig Profile Pic

Craig Leyenaar

Craig Leyenaar spent several years travelling and seeing the world before settling down to write about made-up ones. He has an MA from Warwick University and a couple of others from the University of Cape Town.

Now living in London he hopes all his years of reading science fiction and fantasy will pay off by making him sound not-stupid when he opines (yes, it is a word. He googled it) on what’s cool and hip in the world of SFF, which doesn’t include the word ‘hip’. Obviously.


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