We attended the launch of Your Brother’s Blood by David Towsey

Your Brother's Blood coverSo, we attended the launch of David Towsey’s Your Brother’s Blood (Jo Fletcher Books). This wonderful event took place at the iconic (for all the wrong reasons) Phoenix Artist’s Club in London.

Site of much debauchery, this underground (literally) bar was filled with fans, friends and family all congratulating David’s debut as an author.


After an awesome reading, which I was particularly impressed by because it was his first, there was lots of mingling and book signing and drinking, which made for a pretty great evening.

David Towsey reading David Towsey reading

Being an SFF fan in London is amazing. You get to go to all these wonderful events that all happen within a tube ride, and there’s never a question of being in the right place as they all happen in London! The launch of Your Brother’s Blood was no different and Jo Fletcher really did an amazing job putting this book together and running the launch. Jo Fletcher Books editors

Now, enough wiffle-waffle, the book was launched, but what is it!? Get to the point, Leyenaar!

Fine, I will. Stop shouting at me. I don’t like it.

Your Brother’s Blood is a ZOMBIE WESTERN that is written with literary sensibilities and a deft hand. Zombie western is a genre I’ve heard being thrown around frequently as if it was already a tired trope despite me never before having encountered one outside of the slush pile. And there’s a reason for that. It’s really tough to do well. And David Towsey’s managed it…

David Towsey signing books

Thomas is thirty-two. He comes from the small town of Barkley. He has a wife there, Sarah, and a child, Mary; good solid names from the Good Book. And he is on his way home from the war, where he has been serving as a conscripted soldier.

Thomas is also dead – he is one of the Walkin’.

And Barkley does not suffer the wicked to live.

Set in the future, the world is divided between the living and the dead. The world hasn’t ended in fire and nuclear holocaust with the survivors eking out a living by scraping through the remnants of old cities. After the second Fall where Automated Man lost his place on the Earth, society continues in small towns and cities where they have only the bare necessities, and faith. Faith is all important as this gives the living purpose and drives the story of Thomas forward as he struggles to return to his home and family. He is one of the Walkin’ the undead who are unclean and need to be purged by the righteous. Yet, Thomas just wants to see his family again. However, should they discover him his family would be threatened as the first born of the Walkin’ carry the taint and thou shalt not suffer the wicked to live

David Towsey signing books

So, check out Your Brother’s Blood by David Towsey. It’s a great read, and I can’t wait to see what this author comes out with next…

If you want to catch David’s next reading, he’ll be launching Your Brother’s Blood in Aberystwyth at the Arts Centre on the Thursday, 7 November.

EDIT: Read David Towsey’s blog about breaking the rules on Jo Fletcher’s blog.

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