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Fighting Fantasy Fest 2014

Back in 2012, the author Jonathan Green had the fantastic idea of writing a book about Fighting Fantasy – the 1980s literary¬†phenomenon that captivated millions of young readers, introducing them to a world of magic, monsters and adventure, where THEY … Continue reading

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September 2013 – Why We’re Excited!


We’re an excitable bunch at J For Jetpack, and here is what we’re looking forward to this month! James I’m a big fan of the Elder Scrolls RPG series – the most recent, Skyrim, is no doubt the one that … Continue reading

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Elysium – Film Review (spoiler-free!)


Elysium was always likely to be problematic. The difficulty in making a critically acclaimed and commercially successful film is that, once the dust has settled and the accolades have faded to mere echoes, you’re expected to do it all over … Continue reading

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The Zombie Survival Guide – a Cool Collector’s Edition!


So here’s something really cool that we got our hands on this week – a copy of Max Brooks’s bestselling Zombie Survival Guide, with a scribble from the author himself on the cover . . . There is an explanation … Continue reading

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Three of the Coolest Weapons from Fantasy Novels


Cool weapons – both magical and non-magical – are one of the most common staples of ¬†fantasy novels, but some are more unusual than others. Here are three that I find particularly memorable. *Warning! This article contains very minor spoilers!* … Continue reading

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Exclusive Story From Den Patrick – Author of the Orcs War-Fighting Manual


Den Patrick is a good friend of all of us here at J For Jetpack, so naturally we wanted to get involved with the release of his new book, the Orcs War-Fighting Manual. What we didn’t expect, when we sounded … Continue reading

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