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Elysium – Film Review (spoiler-free!)


Elysium was always likely to be problematic. The difficulty in making a critically acclaimed and commercially successful film is that, once the dust has settled and the accolades have faded to mere echoes, you’re expected to do it all over … Continue reading

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Just cool…Polish film posters


I found out about Poland’s amazing versions of US/UK film posters a few years ago and have been fascinated with them ever since. These posters seem to capture the theme and feeling of the movies rather than the original ‘Hollywood’ … Continue reading

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GODZILLA VS MECHAGODZILLA I can’t believe that’s a movie poster!  Welcome to Terrible Tuesdays, where we bring you the best (or worst) movie posters that we can find. Now, I’m sure some of you will absolutely love these and think … Continue reading

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The World’s End – Film Review (spoilers!)


So I have a confession. Well, two actually. The first is that – despite it having been out for years, and the fact that it’s always on TV (even if it’s on a bizarre channel stuck between Latvian porn and … Continue reading

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Pacific Rim – Film Review (Spoiler-Free!)


It’s been six years since I watched the first of Michael Bay’s awful Transformers films – two harrowing hours of seeing a favourite childhood cartoon torn apart, set on fire, pissed on, and then stitched back together in a grotesque … Continue reading

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World War Z: Film Review (James’s take – spoiler free!)


So in the end the Hollywood hype machine managed to brainwash 50% of Team Jetpack. Celeste managed to escape to Glastonbury while Paul somehow remained strangely indifferent to the idea of paying 1,250 of the Queen’s finest pennies to watch … Continue reading

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