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Horns by Joe Hill – Book Review


I’ve had a signed copy of this book for a year now and have been meaning to read it, only to be told by a friend that it features A LOT of snakes. Naturally, I screamed, dropped it and ran … Continue reading

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Osiris by E.J. Swift


There is a common misconception that sci-fi writers write about the future. Not so. The future so quickly catches yesterday’s predictions (jetpacks excepted) that writers struggle to keep up. I can hear it taunting us, saying, ‘is that what you … Continue reading

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Farewell to Jack Vance

Jack Vance 1

The news broke today that Jack Vance – one of the most influential and respected fantasy and SF writers of all time – has died. He was 96. Vance was a hugely prolific writer, but is perhaps best known for … Continue reading

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Deadpool The Game: A Hands-On Preview


Despite starting life as a rip-off of Deathstroke, Deadpool is without a doubt one of my all-time favourite comic book characters so you can imagine the grin on my face when I heard they were making a Deadpool game. You … Continue reading

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Holy Superhero Suitcases Batman!


We were out and about in sunny Camden at the weekend, where we stumbled across these pretty ace suitcases that would make any discerning comics fan go weak at the knees. If you’ve got a thing for superheroes and/or suitcases, … Continue reading

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High Five with Sam Sykes

sam sykes

This week’s victim participator in our joyously inane High Five feature is none other than Sam Sykes, author of the Aeon’s Gate trilogy of fantasy novels. Sam’s books feature more sword fighting than is healthy for a single reader to consume … Continue reading

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