David Tallerman Signing – Free Comic Book Day

David Tallerman and Paul Wiseall at Endangered Weapon B signing

Today is known by many names. To some it’s just the fourth of May and to others it’s aunty Mary’s fortieth birthday but to us in the know, today is both Star Wars Day and Free Comic Book Day.

In case you’re wondering, yes Free Comic Book Day certainly does mean a day when you get given free comics. All you need to do is go to a participating store and fill your boots. (Yes, I appreciate it’s a bit late now but put it in your diary for next year folks.)

Endangered-Weapon-B-cover1So, what took my fancy today was a preview copy of Endangered Weapon B by David Tallerman who just happened to be doing a signing at Forbidden Planet, London.

Anyone who doesn’t know who David Tallerman is, hang your head in shame.

Tallerman is the author of the excellent Easie Damasco books (The Giant Thief and The Crown Thief and the forthcoming The Prince Thief) and definitely someone you should check out if you haven’t already. He’s also a prolific writer of short stories and has now turned his attention to writing comic books.

ewb-banner-2 (1)

The comic book in question is Endangered Weapon B which follows the adventures of The Professor (an eccentric explorer), Tilly the computer genius (whom the Professor has taken for his child bride) and Banjo the grizzly bear sidekick who is mechanized in a  giant robotic exoskeleton reminiscent of Ripley’s in Aliens.

From mainstream stuff like Marvel to indie one shots, I am a HUGE comic book fan and I’ve got to say that having read the first few pages of Endangered Weapon B and The Tentacle Of Doom (see what he did there?) you are going to love this! It’s witty, bananas and viciously funny.

It’s a series that Tallerman himself describes as

“…Indiana Jones meets The Tick.  Or maybe Hellboy meets Sam and Max.”

Personally, I think it’s best described as the love child of Doctor Who and Deadpool who has then run off with Indiana Jones to become his new Short Round.

I cannot wait to get my hands on the final thing!

Fancy knowing more about David and Endangered Weapon B? Course you do! Check out his website here and click here for an exclusive interview with David for Free Comic Book Day on the FCD site.

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