Deadpool The Game: A Hands-On Preview


Despite starting life as a rip-off of Deathstroke, Deadpool is without a doubt one of my all-time favourite comic book characters so you can imagine the grin on my face when I heard they were making a Deadpool game. You can then imagine the pee in my pants when I got an opportunity to play the first two chapters of the game.

imagesFor those of you who don’t know, Deadpool is the mentally unhinged Merc With The Mouth and professional breaker of the 4th wall. He has a lightning sharp wit, regularly argues with himself, can heal from almost any injury and is a master assassin. In fact, he’s so amazing that he once killed everyone in the Marvel Universe just because he could.

Deadpool ultimately means fun. There’s a scene that sticks in my head from the very first time I read a Deadpool comic. He’s flipping over bad guys with a sword in one hand, a gun in the other and a trail of carnage behind him. All the while, he’s jibbering on about playing with G I Joe dolls ‘back when they had fuzzy hair’ and all the while two ‘thought’ bubbles are arguing with him.

What’s not to love?

So what was the game like? You cry! Well, as I said, I got to play the first couple levels of the forthcoming Deadpool game and here’s what I see’d and saw’d.

Paolo (1)

Here I am in all my sexiness.

It starts as it means to go on, with Deadpool arguing with the two other voices in his brain and then convincing a games developer to make him a a video game by attacking them with remote bombs.

We then see ‘Pool lounging in his chair with weapons in hand, like Dante from a comedy version of DMC. While he waits for the game script to be delivered for his approval you get to take control and explore ‘Pool’s apartment, which proved to be pretty interactive.

If you wander in to the kitchen you can don a chef’s hat and whip up a treat, walk up to the dog and you can play. The best interactive element came when I went to the loo and got given two options. Click B to wash hands or Click A to ‘Make a Stink Pickle.’

I didn’t know what it was, but A got clicked and Stink Pickle it was.

‘Pool began to drop trou but then realised modesty was required so pulled out a black square, the kind that often gets used on TV to censor naughty bits. Deadpool then decides it’s not big enough to mask Lil’ ‘Pool so stretches it out until it covers most of his lower body. Contented he then squats down and makes a stink pickle… Yummy.

Once done, I clicked B and washed his hands. Hygiene is important after all.


You then get a bing bong at the door and upon answering, you’re handed a script. Your script, for your very own video game.

And so the show begins.

The second chapter begins with the obligatory, quick tutorial followed by a button mashing thing where you inflate a bouncy castle. Yup, a bouncy castle. No idea why, but knowing Deadpool, things will end in a family day out for all.

Onwards and in to the level. You get bombarded with generic bad guys and realise that the controls are reminiscent of a fairly typical platformer. You can slash your sword, shoot your guns, flip around and all is fine and standard. It’s at this point that you then press B and remember that oh yeah, Deadpool can teleport.


Teleporting is fun! You can use it tactically just before enemies attack or, like me, you can just keep bashing it to dodge around the room like Nightcrawler in the opening scene of X-2 when he takes out all the guards in the White House. Suddenly the Deadpool game that I was playing became ten times faster and far more hilarious.

Talking of hilarity, I haven’t even mentioned the script. As expected, this whole thing is peppered with stupid quips, cuts to Deadpool saying ‘Am I the only one with shit in my pants?’ and is all round just zany. It may as well have been lifted straight out of the comics and I loved every minute of it.

I don’t want to give too much away because even after only playing the snippet I did, it’s obvious that this game is riddled with near-constant smatterings of crude hilarity and blasting fun-times.


I will tell you this though, that bouncy castle certainly does come in handy towards the end of the level.

We do know by the cover art that Cable’s X-Force (Domino, Wolverine and co) will feature which makes sense as in the comics, ‘Pool and Cabe are like totes bessie mates and shit. Otherwise, there isn’t a single thing I can put my finger on and say, this story arc or this rivalry will come in to the game because Deapool just ain’t that predictable.

However, you can bet your legs that there will be mention of chimichangas, a regular breaking of the 4th wall and probably mention of BOB, Agent of Hydra.

The question is, how do finish this preview off? Well, I should probably tell you more about how much fun I had while playing this preview (lots) and I should probably go in to more detail on the game play (it’s smooth and it’s fun, ’nuff said). I could talk about the fun script, the grin on my face while playing and the fact that I will definitely be buying this game and will quite happily sell your mum to do so.

But I won’t. As in the interests of being meta and in keeping with Deadpool’s need to break the 4th wall, here is a picture of Deadpool, playing the Deadpool game with a review quote by Deadpool himself.

Deadpool playing Deadpool - MetaIf you want to know more about this game, you can check out the Activision website here.

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  1. Christopher Shafer (@DoctorDeadpool) says:

    Well, I think this game is going to be a lot more fun than many might suspect, considering some of the details surrounding it. Hope it does well enough to give Fox some confidence in a Deadpool movie!

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