Exclusive Daniel Polansky & JFJ Event in London tomorrow!

SWWThis is quite possibly the coolest thing I’ll get to say all year.

Tomorrow night (Wednesday 30 October) I shall be interviewing Daniel Polansky, live in front of a crowd in central London – and it’s completely free!

Oh yes! As if the coming festivities of World Fantasy Con or the multiple fantastic events set up by those fine fellows at Pornokitsch weren’t enough, JFJ have teamed up with Hodder & Stoughton to bring you this exclusive event.

I hope you’re excited because I am!

So what’re the details?

Right, it’s tomorrow night, Weds 30 Oct and it starts at 7:00pm sharp and will be held at:

The Old Crown, Upper Floor, 33 New Oxford Street, London, WC1A 1BH

All you need to do is rock up, grab a drink from the bar and enjoy the proceedings. Easy peasy.

So what’s going to be happening

TTK coverIf you’re a fan of fantasy then you’re going to love this event and if you’re a fan of Polansky (and you really ought to be) then you won’t believe what’s hit you.

There will be discussions between Daniel and I, there will be Q&As with the audience where you can ask anything you want (just keep it semi-clean), there will be a reading from the latest Low Town novel She Who Waits AND Daniel will even be signing!

Plus you may, just may, be able to pick up a copy of She Who Waits before it’s even officially released.

Seriously, it’s going to be an incredible night!

But who is Daniel Polansky and what’s this Low Town malarkey?

Polansky_DanielWhat?! I can’t believe you have to ask this.
Daniel Polansky is, in my opinion, one of the greatest fantasy authors out there right now. It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that his Low Town series of book sis one of my favourite, most recommended series ever.

In fact, the second Low Town novel ‘Tomorrow The Killing’ was my favourite fantasy book of 2012.

Having recently read She Who Waits I can tell you that unless something truly mind blowing appears out of nowhere, then I have found my favourite fantasy book of 2013 too!

So why are they so good you ask? Simply put, it’s impossible not to love such a perfectly written series of books. The prose is a poetry that I can only compare to Mark Lawrence. And it’s hard not to love the fast mouthed dialogue mixed with hard crime and stuffed with more twists that an octopus trying to open a greased jam jar.
But what makes these books something truly awesome is the protagonist of the Low Town series, Warden.

Warden is just the right side of wrong, an almost perfect anti-hero who once practically ran the city as number two in the secret police until he became disillusioned with it all. Now he’s a drug dealer and whether he’s intimidating a rival or playing the city police off against the street gangs to better his own position, Warden’s always one step ahead of anyone else. It seems that from the gutter, he runs his part of the city, Low Town, better than ever. At least, he thinks he does.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again tomorrow when my review of She Who Waits goes up, if he wasn’t a drug dealer then Warden is who you wish you could be. He’s wittier and mentally faster than anyone you’ve ever met or read and no matter how tough the situation, he always pulls it off with a clever but grimy kind of cool.

Whether you love the Low Town series already or you fancy finding something new, come to our event in London Wednesday night, come meet Daniel, come meet me, get yourself a book or two signed and most importantly come and have fun. You won’t be disappointed.



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