Genre Landmarks: Knightrider Street

If you grew up in the 1980s, there’s a fair chance this picture will mean something to you:

Knight Rider

Knight Rider was one of the shows that established the Hoff’s popularity, long before he became infamous for drunkenly mashing burgers into his face and prancing about on various TV talent shows. If you were a five-year-old boy like me, this was the perfect Saturday night fix of car chases, guns and the Hoff in all his mulleted glory.

Which is why this raised a smile when I saw it yesterday:

2013-05-03 20.28.19Yeah, there’s a street in London called Knightrider Street, just in the shadow of St Paul’s. As if that wasn’t cool enough, a nearby pub called The Centre Page┬áhas a framed Hoff signature on the wall after he visited a few years back. Genre win? I think so.

And while we’re talking about St Paul’s, here it is looking utterly resplendent in yesterday’s sunshine (which probably counted as a summer this year; it was nice while it lasted).

2013-05-03 16.43.51

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