GIVEAWAY! Herald Of The Storm by Richard Ford

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Richard Ford is one of the coolest names in fantasy right now and his brilliant new book Herald Of The Storm has just been released in paperback.
We at J for Jetpack are in the mood to celebrate this brilliant book which can only mean one thing… GIVEAWAY! Yup, we’ve teamed up with Headline publishing to give away copies of Rich Ford’s latest novel. Not just copies either, for one lucky winner we even have a mug!

Herald Of The Storm is the start of a brand new series set in the gritty fantasy city of Steelhaven. So all you need to do to win is:

Tweet us @JForJetpack with the name of your favourite fictional city or place from a sci-fi or fantasy novel.

That’s it! You don’t need to add details or anything, just tell us your favourite fictional place and you’ve entered. Easy peasy indeed! Click here to go to our Twitter page. 

If you’re after more information on this amazing book then first off, here’s the blurb from the back cover:


The vast cityport of Steelhaven was once a symbol of strength, maintaining an uneasy peace throughout the Free States. But with the King away, leading his armies, the city is rotting from the inside and the streets are slick with blood.

And now a dark cloud hangs over the capital in the form of the dread warlord Amon Tugha. When his herald infiltrates the city, exploiting a dangerous criminal underworld, and a dark magick begins to rise, the fate of the Free States will fall into the hands of the most unlikely saviours.

And those saviours include an unbalanced veteran, a disillusioned assassin, a hapless apprentice, a drunken swindler and a desperate thief, exactly the kinds of people you’d choose as your heroes during a time of crisis…

Cool right? For more on the author himself, check out Ford at his blog here.

We at J For Jetpack are huge fans of Ford. His 2011 novel Kultus, which involved a demon doorman, was one of the most fun novels I read that year. And now we have Herald Of The Storm which is witty and rude and crazy and fun. You need to read this book and what better way to get a copy than for FREE by entering our competition.

You’ve got until next Thursday (15 August) to get your tweet in to us.

All entries will be thrown in to the metaphorical hat and winner picked at random.

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