GIVEAWAY! Orcs War-Fighting Manual by Den Patrick

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Den Patrick is an author you should be paying close attention to because he’s about to make a big impact on the genre scene. 2013 sees the release of his War Manuals, a brand new trilogy of war-fighting manuals that delve in to the lives, cultures and war-mongering ways of Orcs, Elves and Dwarves. While 2014 will see the release of Den’s The Boy With The Porcelain Blade which is already being hotly tipped as THE debut novel of 2014. He even wrote an EXCLUSIVE story for us at JFJ which explains just what the J stands for!

The first of the war fighting manuals, ‘ORCS’ is out and we at J for Jetpack are in the mood to celebrate this brilliant book which means GIVEAWAY!
Yup, we’ve teamed up with Gollancz to give away copies of Orcs. Five copies to be precise. The Dalek isn’t up for grabs though it does give us our question…

All you need to do to win is:

Follow us on Twitter and tweet us at @JForJetpack with your answer to the following:

Who would win in a fight between 10 orcs versus 1 Dalek?

That’s it! You don’t need to add details or anything, just tell us who would win in the fight and you’ve entered. Easy stuff! Click here to go to our Twitter page.

If you’re after more information on this amazing book then first off, here’s the blurb from the back cover:

“We live to make war”

Written for the Orc warrior and gathered (at great personal risk) from the Orcs themselves: the ultimate guide to the Orcs Way of War.

This is a full history of the Orc at war, a study of their beliefs, their attitudes to the other races. But it is also a practical guide to their weapons and tactics, complete with illustrations. Essential reading for those who fight with Orcs and those who fight against them.

These are my last words on the orcs, I hope never to speak of them again, or lay eyes on one of the scarred brutes. That they exist to exterminate all who are different to themselves should be warning enough to all races.

Yours faithfully,
Sebastian Venghaus.

Taken together with his companion volumes on Elves and Dwarves this completes Sebastian Venghaus’ essential works on the bitter wars that have cursed our land.

Sounds cool right?

You’ve got until next Thursday (29 August) to get your tweet in to us. Alternatively you can email us at with your answer in the subject bar.

All entries will be thrown in to the metaphorical hat and winner picked at random.

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  1. Oh, hell yes! Consider me entered! (once I’ve gone and done it)

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