Indiana Jones Marathon At The PCC

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The other day James and I were bored. It was a Bank Holiday Friday and there is a rule in the UK that on Bank Holidays you must spend at least seven hours of the sunshine-filled day inside, in the dark and watching movies.

For those who don’t know, this rule is one of the all-new seven deadly sins (known as Anti-Sloth) and to break it is to become a harbinger of the Apocalypse. So, in the interest of saving the World, we decided we ought to watch 7 hours of movies which could only mean one thing, an Indiana Jones Marathon!

We checked the TV and there was bugger all whip-related on. But then, like a sign from Khalimar itself I remembered an email from the Prince Charles Cinema (or the PCC) which advertised they were showing all three Indy films back to back, today. Hurrah!

So, we hopped on a runaway mine cart and stowed away on a submarine to get there but we made it, grabbed our popcorn and held on to our potatoes because things were going to get epic.


From half 1 until 8pm my eyes were glued to the fedora clad celluloid while my ears filled up on that classic John Williams score.

To be honest, I’d forgotten just how fantastic these films are. They’re riddled with quotes and sequences that still permeate todays pop culture. From Short Round’s smart mouth (“You call him Dr Jones, Doll!”) to the famous one-shot takedown of the dual-sword wielding behemoth. These films are some of the best things to have ever come out of Hollywood and to get the chance to see them up on the big screen was simply wow!

The Indy trilogy also holds the JForJetpack award for the most consistently cool opening scenes. From running from the boulder in Raiders to escaping China by diving out of a plane in an inflatable dinghy to seeing where the famous fedora came from in The Last Crusade. You’ll be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t get a warm wave of nostalgia just thinking about those opening scenes.

By the end of the marathon we were shattered but both wore big, stupid grins and couldn’t stop humming the theme tune.

Oh and if you’re wondering why the marathon didn’t include Indiana Jones 4 then I have no idea what you’re on about. I hear studio execs decided it was a bad idea to make it and so, didn’t. That’s what happened, right?


For anyone who doesn’t know, the PCC is a big ol’ cinema on Leicester Square in London and it’s found metres away from where movie premieres are held and red carpets are rolled out.

Where the Odeon, the Empire, the Vue cinemas all show the latest CGI-filled Hollywood brain melters, the PCC specialises in showing only the coolest films which includes a lot of old, amazing stuff. We’re not talking silent movie era old, with a flickering black and white screen and a piano score. We’re talking the 70s and 80s baby! We’re talking Wayne’s World, The Princess Bride and Rambo all up on the big screen. Cult movies baby!

Unlike standard (read: boring) cinemas the PCC has loads of other fun movie events going on other than marathons too. They have masquerade balls, pyjama parties, sing-alongs and even beer and pizza nights. All cinemas should be like this one. Check out the PCC website here

Before we finish let me remind you of just how epic the Indi theme tune is.


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