J For Jetpack: We Have Lift-Off!

Hello World!

Welcome to JForJetpack. Your place for the best of the stuff you love.

Our mission is a simple one – We want to discover new and fantastic things, have a blast doing it and bring you along for the ride.

So who are we?

Our names are Paul, James and Tim. We love the amazing, the fantastical and the unknown.

Being children of the 80s, we were brought up on a healthy diet of MegaZords, Goosebumps books and The Goonies. Nowadays you can give us anything from Indiana Jones to Game Of Thrones to Bucky O’Hare and we’re grinning big wide grins.

Two of us now work for SFF publishers (one of us works in marketing but we won’t talk about that). We’re all seasoned bloggers with one of us being the founder of a well respected SFF blog (from before everyone and their mums were blogging) and another was an editor for one of the largest SFF blogs in the world. If you’re really interested, only one of us likes to eat fish (and it’s not me).

New Things

We want to tell you about all the things that we think are cool. This means brand new things that have grabbed our attention and amazing older things that have withstood the test of time to still amaze us.

Unlike the masses of other websites out there, we’re not trying to simply be a news site, a review site or a personal blog. We aim to be a sweet mix of the three.
When we hear of a great new thing coming out we’re gonna tell you with the same enthusiasm we would tell our friends. If we discover a new author, play an amazing game or discover your next favourite film we want to tell you all about it. If we find a brilliant book shop, stumble across a cool picture or do something fun that you ought to try, we’re going to let you know.

No Negativity. Always Fun.

We don’t believe in overly negative reviews. Of course, no one can love everything they watch or read but we figure, if we truly don’t like something then why do you want to know about it? Why bother reading about what you shouldn’t be playing when you could be using that time to discover something new and brilliant?  This is the J For Jetpack way.

Oh, and you won’t hear us waffling on about Nerd or Geek Culture either. We don’t like those labels.

So, that’s us. Now, get involved and come along for the ride.

J For Jetpack

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