JFJ do Nine Worlds Con – Photos

photo (14)This weekend the JFJ crew headed to Nine Worlds, a brand new con that was brought to life by the love of fans and the power of Kickstarter.

We’re going to bring you a full write up soon (it was Craig’s first ever con so he’s got some very interesting things to say) but the bottom line is that Nine Worlds was incredible!

I try to go to as many cons as I can and of all of them this was one of the most genuinely fun conventions that I’ve been to in ages. Everything from the panels to the Rock Band karaoke was lovingly planned out and put together. Possibly best of all, you weren’t bombarded with advertising at every turn, hurrah!

For now here are a few pictures from the Con, all of which were taken but Craig. There’s more over on our Facebook page here. 


Snorri Kristjansson, Jo Fletcher and Tom Pollock celebrating the launch of Swords Of Good Men and The Glass Republic


Craig quickly made friends


Zen Cho, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Anne Perry (Moderator), Stan Nicholls and Kate Griffin debate Heroes Vs Villains


Danie Ware, Adrian Tchaikovsky, James Swallow, Iona Sharma and Yours Truly wearing my finest shirt/ninja turtle t-shirt combo.


The New Writers panel was incredible. Check out the talent in this picture!


Found her!


Right, I’ve heard there’s Rock Band karaoke tonight so what song are we going to do?

CoryDoctorowLAUNCHSAT (2)

Cory Doctorow doing his thang


Look at all the second hand books! This old chap from Porcupine Books was awesome too.

As I said, there are more photos over on our Facebook page here and be sure to check out our full write up coming later this week.

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  1. Love the photos! I’m really sad I couldn’t go; it looks like a blast. Next time, baby!

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