Just cool… Polish Movie Posters – The Sequel

Polish movie posters are our new favourite things!

After seeing these Polish Masterpieces how can anyone seriously want those boring, missionary position posters that Hollywood squeezes through the mincer? No, we want odd and bizarre for that is what grabs out attention and makes us leap from our seats desperate to see the movie!

Last week we published five amazing Polish posters (which you can find here) and we figured, why stop at just five when there are tonnes of brilliant posters out there!

So here’s Polish Movie Posters: Part Deux – The Sequel.


Short Circuit 2


Armed with nothing but old reggae posters for inspiration and a box of bingo dobbers for brushes, this five year old produced this flyer for the US Army Xmas party…

Back To The Future


Back to the design agency more like.
How… how is this Back To The Future?
It looks more like a stylised Aston Martin advert set to a Coldplay soundtrack.
Where this thing’s going it won’t need roads but a shredder would do just nicely.

The Neverending Story


 I can only imagine that this is supposed to be Bastian Bux riding Falcor… if the film was written by Hunter S. Thompson and directed by Terry Gilliam then boiled in Keith Richard’s trousers.

Raiders Of The Lost Ark


This one’s pretty recognisable when compared to the other posters but why the hell is a coat hanger the centre of attention while Indy’s lurking around at the bottom like a shark playing hide and seek?

The Terminator


Look, Arnie’s getting his eyes tested… If only he’d gone to Specsavers, he’d have found Sarah Conner in a snap.

“Now, Mr Terminator. Please read the bottom line for me.”
” I… L… B… Back.”

And we’ll be back next week with more cool and weird posters!

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