Just cool…Polish film posters

I found out about Poland’s amazing versions of US/UK film posters a few years ago and have been fascinated with them ever since.

These posters seem to capture the theme and feeling of the movies rather than the original ‘Hollywood’ versions, which are usually boring and tailor-made by marketing research after too many focus groups.

The Polish versions are usually darker and more opaque. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out exactly how they relate to the movies, but on some gut level you recognize them.

They’re brilliant!

We’ll be bringing you examples of foreign posters every week so don’t forget to come back and check them out!

Here are our first five Polish film posters!

Apocalypse Now


Doesn’t that just perfectly show Kurtz’s violent insanity…

The Empire Strikes Back


Okay, this one is pretty recognisable, but look how awesome Yoda looks!


Polish Poster

This is bloody creepy, but I can kind of understand it…it’s the inside of Kane’s body with the alien inside and also looks like one of the alien eggs. The eyes are rather freaky though.

The Fly


No, this is not you after last night. For some reason this makes me think of Kafka, which just shows how fucking crazy these posters are!

I saved the best for last. This is probably my favourite one!


gremlins Come on. That is just awesome!

If you liked these let us know! There will be more next week.

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6 Responses to Just cool…Polish film posters

  1. Beats the hell out of the ‘classic’ orange and teal Hollywood posters, that’s for sure. The Apocalypse Now would make a pretty good book cover.

  2. Jared says:

    We have a Polish High Noon poster in our flat now. Totally love these – great post!

  3. hans says:

    you are right Paul, these posters are very original and telling. I wonder if they come from the same creator. Very interesting stuff!

  4. I’d seen some of these before, but not the Star Wars one. I wish we had more posters like this here. They remind a bit of the ones my dad and uncle made in the 60s for local bands.

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