High Five Interview With David Bryher – A Lowest Heaven Exclusive

The Lowest Heaven So now The Lowest Heaven, a sci-fi short story spectacular which features some of the hottest names in modern genre publishing,  is out in paperback – and very handsome it looks to. We love this book so much (and are in constant awe of the amazing work that our friends at Jurassic  are doing) so we’re going to celebrate all over again with some more exclusive interviews with the authors involved.

Here’s an exclusive interview with David Bryher, who has written about ghosts, knitting, pigs, Daleks, ballroom dancing and Cleopatra. Not all at once.

David’s story in The Lowest Heaven is called From This Day Forward. 


What was the inspiration behind your story in The Lowest Heaven?

The belief that it doesn’t matter what we do, where we go, or how much older our species gets, people are people and people are idiots. And one day, we’ll be on the brink of seeding our idiocy throughout the universe. Sorry, universe.

What is it that attracts you to science-fiction as a genre and what one sci-fi thing, be it book, movie or real life event, has influenced you the most?

I enjoy science fiction and fantasy mainly because the best of it introduces us to characters whom we get to know so well because they’re dealing with the kind of crap – dragons, alien invasions, time travel – that a real person in the real world wouldn’t ever have to deal with. Watching someone pay a bill and argue with their boyfriend? Boring. Watching someone pay a bill and argue with their boyfriend while quantum-agnostic fireline ticks burrow under their skin? SIGN ME UP.

I can’t even begin to pick a single influence, but if its adventurous fiction in which someone normal has to deal with significantly un-normal stuff, you can find its traces somewhere in my DNA.

Okay, so you’re going on a mission in to space. What is your mission? What three people (alive or not so alive) will you take with you? And most importantly what cool name would you give your ship?

Human exploration of Mars. I mean, obviously. Our ship would be called ‘What Took Us So Long?’, and my fellow passengers would be Sarah Waters, to tell me stories, David Bowie, to sing me songs, and my partner, to keep me sane.

The age old question, do you think we’re alone in the universe? 

Of course we’re not. How can we be?

Finally, we say J for Jetpack, you say J for…?

J for Jeroboam.

Yet another one we need to google . . . thanks David! 

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