MCM Comic-Con – London 2013

London MCM Comic-Con at the Excel Centre is Europe’s largest comics and gaming convention and there was no way J For Jetpack were going to miss it!

Paul Wiseall and James Long with a giant yellow Minion at London Comic-Con 2013


Being the fools we are, we forgot to pre-book tickets so we got to the event and joined the queue. Ho-Lee-Sheeeet whatta queue! It was like Nintendo had tried to replicate the post office scene from the Full Monty but in an aircraft hanger.

Eventually we got in to the convention though and my goodness, it was a thing of beauty.

In my opinion, there are four things that you need to make a damned good Con and they are: a good venue, some amazing cosplay, a stash of great stuff to part us with our cash and a mass of great people to share it with. With that in mind, here’s our quick take on the MCM London Comic-Con.

We’re often told that Cons in the USA are always bigger and better than anything the rest of the world can muster but the sheer size of this place was astounding.

London Comic-Con 2013 long view of venue


London Comic-Con Naruto Banner

These pictures really don’t do the size of the place justice as we wandered around for ages and kept on finding new and fun things to look at. These ranged from a world exclusive play of the new Deadpool game (more on that to follow) to silicon enhanced ladies dressed up in your favourite Sailor Moon outfit.

Every few steps there were toys, comics, cosplayers and movie trailers to ogle so hats off to the organisers because as far as Cons go, they nailed it!


I am a big fan of the costumes that comic fans come up with and have been to enough Cons in my time to have seen some cool outfits, but this one took the cake for brilliant cosplay.

However, as any fans of the Portal series will know, the cake is a lie and I may have been over stating the brilliance of some of the cosplay.

A lady in a not so flattering Silk Spectre cosplay outfit

Silk Spectre anyone?

I’ve never mustered up the balls to have a go myself so I’m always envious of those who can Cosplay and I’m even more in awe of those who create such stunning costumes. So all hats off to the lady above and all the others like her but I swear there are only so many overweight Kakashis or bearded Pikachus I can take before I just start crying.


There was some truly amazing merch to get your hands on at the MCM London ComicCon that aimed to snipe our wallets from our pockets and rinse them clean of notes.

For example, James and I spent a good half an hour just dribbling nostalgically over the 16-bit memories brought back by a pile of Sega MegaDrive games for sale.

MegaDrive Games at Comic-Con

Anyone remember these?

But then we saw these mousemats and sighed sadly…

image (50)

YIKES indeed! Don’t get me wrong, we at JFJ love all things Naruto and are all for decent wrist support but decided that whatever bright spark came up with these should probably go back to playing WOW in their mum’s basement and stay there.


As a rule, I love all attendees of Comic-Cons. They are my kind of people, by which I mean they are invariably very kind, all fans of games/comics/SFF movies and generally very welcoming. However, something that struck me at this Comic-Con was the amount of people offering ‘Free Hugs.’

I appreciate that this seems to be a ‘thang’ that occurs at Cons but seriously folks?┬áThere IS a difference between being friendly and just looking to grope someone.

Take specimen *A* for example:

Free Hugs at London Comic-Con 2013

Outside of a brothel that caters for the easily intimidated, since when have hugs been anything but free?

Ladies and gents please stop this awful practice. If you are desperate for hugs then I am sure there are websites you can sign up to and I’m also sure you’ll know how to find them.

So there we have it guys. London Comic-Con in all its hug-filled glory. We had a blast and really could not have hoped for a better weekend! The next MCM London Comic-Con is October and you can bet your pants that we’ll be there and next time I’m going to get James to cosplay!

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