Terry Brooks Signing at Forbidden Planet, London

J For Jetpack with Terry Brooks

For those of you who don’t know, Terry Brooks is something of a fantasy literature deity. He’s often touted as being among the few authors after Tolkien who made epic fantasy cool again and we’re lucky enough to have met him when he recently came to London.

So we got to Forbidden Planet (an awesome sff book/comic/toy megastore where the signing was held) early and ventured downstairs to where the signing was to take place and surprise, surprise, the place was rammed like a box of goats. The initial queue alone was at least forty people long and more bodies were joining it every minute.

Y’see, Terry hasn’t been to the UK in years and despite being over in Europe at the moment he is officially on holiday and so, only making one appearance – this one.  For that reason people came from all over Europe just to get their books signed, such is the love for this guy.  The couple behind us for example had come down from Scotland, the three ladies in front of us had come over from Germany and one chap had even flown in from Rome. “Hey that’s great,” Terry said when the Italian told him where he’d come from. “But don’t you know I’m coming to Italy in September? You could have saved yourself the airfare.” The Italian guy just grinned like a leprechaun on a rainbow farm.The queue took a while to go down as it also turns out that Terry is an incredibly sociable chap and wanted to chat properly to each and every one of his fans. By the time we got to him he had been signing for an hour and any normal guy might be flagging, but not Terry. He seemed so happy to talk to us that I was genuinely taken aback. He’s also rather short which I wasn’t expecting, (though, I don’t know why).

J For Jet Pack With Terry Brooks

Anyway, you’ve seen the cool picture at the header (with James (on the right) and I with the man himself) but here’s another. This is Terry signing my book while cracking a few jokes about his time on this side of the world. James you’ll recognise on the right but between Terry and I we have the great Rose Tremlett – publicity for Orbit books – and to my left we have the illusive Tim who is the final wheel to the metaphorical tricycle that is J For Jetpack.

So there we have it guys and gals – Terry Brooks, what a gent!

Keep your eyes peeled on JFJ over the next few days as we have an exclusive video interview with Terry Brooks that we will be posting soon.

In the mean time, for more info on Mr Terry Brooks himself, check out his website here: http://www.terrybrooks.net/

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