The Lowest Heaven Is LAUNCHED!

LH_PB_7The Lowest Heaven from Jurassic Publishing is LAUNCHED!

This stunning sci-fi spectacular features some of the very best science fiction authors in the world and peppered with beautiful photography given by the Royal Observatory Greenwich.

The launch itself was held in the Maritime Museum in Greenwich, London last night and we had a blast!


So what’s The Lowest Heaven about you ask? It’s a brand new short story collection from Jared Shurin and Anne C. Perry the dynamic duo behind Pornokitsch, The Kitschy Awards and the Pandemonium collections.

In regards to the word side of things, The Lowest Heaven is a collection of science fiction short stories from some of the greatest, coolest and most exciting authors working right now such as Alastair Reynolds, Mark Newton, Esther Saxey, E J Swift and Lavie Tidhar.


Us with SF Maestro Alistair Reynolds. A genuine gent.

And on the visuals of the book itself, not only does The Lowest Heaven have a damn sexy cover from the guy behind the covers to Zoo City, BlackBirds and the forthcoming Apocalypse Now Now, Mr Joey Hi-Fi but it is also peppered with stunning images of the cosmos which come straight from the Royal Observatory. It’s an amazing mix of cool and cosmic.

One thing that occurs to me about last night is just how unexpectedly important the venue is to these types of events. When I think of other book launches I’ve been to, I don’t tend to take note of the venue as the usually occur in just another cool book shop or a comic book place and nothing more is said. But having a book launch in the London Maritime museum gave the whole night a true sense of EPIC! Watching the likes of Alistair Reynolds and E J Swift (both below) giving readings while helms of ancients ships loomed over them was just incredible.


We met CHARLIE HUMAN! Author of Apocalypse Now Now

The Lowest Heaven is a book to get excited about and last night proved just how excited people are getting. James, Celeste, Craig and I are four of them and we are all now proud owners of this beautiful book. Al Reynolds even drew a spaceman in mine.

Check out some of our pictures below and if you’re interested find out more information on The Lowest Heaven here.

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Mark re-tied his bow-tie especially for this photo

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