The Oathbreaker’s Shadow Is Launched!

Amy McCulloch is one of our favourite new authors and her debut novel The Oathbreaker’s Shadow is one of the most refreshingly fun books we’ve read in a long time! It was officially launched last night in Daunt Books, Marlebone and we were invited along to celebrate.

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We discovered that the only possible way to make author Amy McCulloch look even cooler than she already does is to stick a Joe Abercrombie next to her.

image (57)There’s a real buzz around this book and rightly so. It follows the story of Raim who lives in a world where promises are made and tied in knots. To bear a promise is a great point of pride but to break one is to ruin your life. Not only is the oath breaker physically scarred and ostracised from society but they are forever tormented by vengeful and terrifying shadows.

The day he promises to become the protector of the future Khan should be Raim’s proudest moment but instead he accidentally breaks a mysterious vow that he has worn around his wrist since the day he was born. With this, Raim’s life rapidly spirals downwards and soon he finds himself trekking through the unrelenting desert in search of a mysterious city. His head filled with questions like what was this promise that he broke and yet has no memory of making? Why do other shadows torment their charges when Raim’s grants him amazing powers? Why is this happening to him?

This book is a mystery wrapped up in a puzzle and set to a sandy soundtrack of shadows and adventure.

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The coolest cakes I’ve ever seen accompanied by the hand of the legendary Jo Fletcher 

The Oathbreaker’s Shadow was so much fun to read and deserves every inch of hype it’s getting which is why the biggest and brightest in the world of SFF publishing turned out to celebrate.

459_10152895848230088_293771260_n             Authors Den Patrick, Sarah Pinborough and Joe Abercrombie with our very own James Long

image (59)We’ll be reviewing The Oathbreaker’s Shadow in the next few days but for now please take my advice and get yourself a copy. It’s a perfect summer read filled with all the fun and imagination you’d expect from an author who also works as a publisher for the likes of Peter V. Brett, Mark Lawrence and George R.R. Martin.

If you’re still not sold then check out the High Five interview we recently did with Amy where she discusses everything from what Pokemon she would be to using me as bait to hunt a Wendigo. Click here to read it. 

image (56)Amy and I share a mutual love of Neil Gaiman and were actually enjoying coffee together when we bumped in to the man himself. That was a good day!

Catch Amy on Twitter at @Amymcculloch.

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