The Weekly SFF Top 10 (09/08/13)

So, we had a think and decided to rejig things a bit with this whole SFF Weekly Round-up malarkey. It was all well and good before but let’s be fair, it was a mass of links and stupidity thrown in to no particular order. So how do we remedy it? We make it a list because everyone loves a list. By everyone I mean the JFJ crew and hopefully you too, dear reader.

So we’re kicking off with the new and improved Weekly SFF round-up as a top ten. It’s the ten best things we’ve seen and heard of this week. Enjoy.

10) Ex-STRAW-minate

Straw Dalek

Yup, a 35 Foot Dalek has been built out of straw near Nantwich in Chesire. Aswell as being awesome in its own right, this Dalek also has a rotating turret, a moveable gun and even audio. Apparently the group who made it were toying with the idea of doing an enormous royal baby made out of straw. I’m guessing they went with the Dalek as it’s probably less terrifying.  Via the Chester Chronicle.

9) Bring Dredd Back!


In my opinion, the most recent movie iteration of everyone’s favourite Judge was an incredible film but not everyone seemed to think so and a sequel was never greenlit. It seems a lot of people felt the way I did and now a movement is being made to bring him back to the big screen. Not only is Carl Urban up for it but now it’s endorsed by 2000AD themselves. Come on people, let’s make this happen!

8) Dr Who Time Lines as London Tube Map

Doctor Who Subway Map Infographic

The storylines of each incarnation of the Doctor have been broken down in to this amazing London Tube-style map. Via Geektyrant.

7) Zelda was almost a movie!

From the team who made the TMNT movie, here is the original pitch reel for a Zelda movie! Ganon looks awful but overall this would have been awesome. Let’s do a ‘Dredd’ and get this thing made! Bring Back Link! Bring Back Link!

6) Hurrah for Science.

Okay, each week I aim to do a Hurrah For Science and make a fuss of all the things that make us realise that just because we don’t have intergalactic starships yet doesn’t mean we’re not living in a sci-fi world.

Computer takes 40 minutes to simulate one second of brain activity


The big fear with AI is that we’ll end up living in a Terminator world where we’re lorded over by re-purposed fridge-freezers. Fortunately scientists have found that even a mega-ultra-super computer takes 40 minutes to simulate just one second of brain function. Go humans!

Sun Spots and Magnetic Flips


This week, astronomers have managed to capture the clearest ever image of a sun spot. Just look at that thing. Like a billion hydrogen bombs going off and all I can see is the maw of the Sarlac’s lava-like cousin.

And in other Sun news, did you know our sun’s magnetic field is about to flip? By flip I mean polarity and not that it’s about to go crazy and throw a toaster at the cat. More here.

5) Thor 2: The Dark World Trailer Released!

So this came out and my brain turned to mulch for at least 28 seconds after I finished watching.

Here’s Empire magazine’s break down of the Thor 2 trailer.

4) Nine Worlds!


Okay, okay this isn’t any kind of news but it’s awesome all the same! Nine Worlds is a brand new convention that was born of the minds of genre lovers and the money of Kickstarter. This thing is going to rock the panties off of anyone who attends. Not only does it have everything from the usual panels and vendors it also has Game of Thrones dancing to My Little Pony. Oh, oh and it has ME doing a panel! Surely you don’t need any more reason to come along! So grab yourself a ticket and come say hi!

More info at the Nine Worlds website here.

3) The Ultimate Movie Trailer

The guy who put this together is either a genius or incredibly bored and lonely. Either way, he’s combined over 5o movies together in to the most amazing sci-fi movie trailer you’ve ever seen. Oh yeah, it’s 6 minutes long. Via the Mary Sue 

2) More Hurrah For science

This was an incredible week for science so Hurrah For Science occupies both slots 6 and 2 today. Go science, go!

Mars Rover Sings Happy Birthday To Itself

Using the different sounds the Mars Rover makes while processing samples, Nasa scientists have created this song to celebrate the anniversary of the Rover hitting Mars. Learn more over at The Washington Post.

Lab Grown £220,000 burger is eaten in London – ‘needs more fat’ says ungrateful git.

Lab Burger
Yup, scientists along with the financial backing of one of the Google co-founders have created a burger that was painstakingly pieced together out of individually lab-grown muscle fibres. how incredible is that! Not enough for one of the chaps who had the privilege to try it, it seems. He described the burger as being a bit dry and needing more fat. Whatta dick. Am I the only one who thinks that burger roll looks like it came from a Tesco’s Own multi-pack? More via the BBC here. 

1) The 12th Doctor is Malcolm Tucker!


In case you’ve been stuck in a time-warp somewhere and didn’t hear the reveal, Peter Capaldi, Malcolm Tucker from the brilliant The Thick Of It is set to be the next Doctor in the world’s longest running science-fiction show, Doctor Who.

If you don’t know who Capaldi is then check out our article on him here. 

And if any inch of you doesn’t think he’s thr right guy for the job just check out this article on iO9 that pulls together Peter Capaldi’s love for all things WHO, even including a picture of the Tom Baker Doctor by a young Capaldi. Amazing.

To steal a bit of thunder from things, Neil Gaiman revealed this week that Capaldi may not have been the first choice and the 12th Doctor was very nearly black. Via Screencrush.

And finally, for those of you who know Malcolm Tucker for the swear maestro that he is, here’s a Tucker/Doctor mash up that is both genius and highly NSFW. You’ve been warned:

BONUS: Venom!

And as a bonus (because it technically came out two weeks ago but is still brilliant, here’s how Venom should have been in Spidey 3.  Check out the cameo at the end. Ho-lee animal crackers.

And there we have it folks, the week in SFF wrapped up in ten(ish) cool items. Catch you next week.

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  1. I love the Doctor Who timeline/underground map. Hopefully they’ll keep it updated for Capaldi’s tenure :)

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