The Weekly SF/F Top 10 15/08/13

Welcome back to the new and improved weekly SF/F round-up of the top ten best, funniest, coolest or most inane things that have happened in the last week. So, without further delay:

Screen shot 2013-08-15 at 19.56.19

And on with the Top 10!

10. Thorested Development

One of the best television shows of all time gets the Marvel treatment. Unofficially anyway. I want this to become a real thing so we can find out if the Hulk would ‘Green’ himself or if Cap America only became a soldier because mummy signed him up. Via Mashable


9. Cosplay Minions

Alu-Minion Via Shirtoid

This week I bumped in to this awesome Iron Man/Minion mash-up and it turns out that Minions in cosplay has become a thing.




Check out more over at MinuteBuzz (a poor man’s Buzzfeed).
WARNING: If you click this link don’t worry, your computer hasn’t broken it’s just a French website.

8. Christian Bale back as Batman for Man Of Steel 2?

The last thing we heard, Christian Bale was never again going to don the cowl and cape of Batman. But this week a rumour has sparked that Warner Bros are desperate to get their man back for Man of Steel 2. It’s certainly common knowledge that producers want an old-ish actor to play Bats and Bale alone is sure to sell more than a few cinema seats… But still, Bale said never again and he’s a man of integrity… except it’s rumoured that $50,000,000 could change his tune.

With a bit of digging this all seems to become fanboy gushings more than anything but still, what if…? More here at The Guardian.


7. Blake’s 7 to return… to Xbox?


The classic BBC Sci-Fi series Blake’s 7 is to be brought back by Microsoft and rumours are it’s going to be an Xbox exclusive. Coupled with the promise of a new Spielberg-led Halo show, it seems Xbox could be looking to complete with the likes of Netflix and Lovefilm. Via BBC

Fun Fact: The chap who invented Blake’s 7, Terry Nation, also invented the Daleks for Dr Who.


6. She Who Waits Cover Reveal


This week, we at JFJ were privileged enough to have the exclusive reveal of the cover to She Who Waits, the latest book in the incredible Low Town series by Daniel Polanksy. Just drink that image in! You absolutely have my permission to judge this book by its cover. Check out the full post here. 

OrcsAnd don’t forget – The Orcs War-Fighting Manual by Den Patrick hit bookshelves yesterday! We at JFJ love this book. So much so that we will be giving away copies next week to lucky competition winners. Check back soon for more and be sure to read about the Orcs War-Manuals and the author himself here.

5. Palpatine to return to Star Wars


Okay, this one is very much a ‘take it with enough pinches of salt to melt a mega-slug’ but a rumour surfaced this week that Emperor Palpatine, Mr Darth Sidious himself is set to make a return in Star Wars Episode VII. Hang on one forcing second here, he died right? Maybe, maybe not… I won’t say more here but head on over to Geektyrant for a potentially spoiler-ish bit of news.


4. Gemmell Award Shortlist

david-gemmell-award-winner (1)

The nominees for this year’s David Gemmell awards were announced on Sunday at the Nine Worlds Convention. I must admit I was pretty surprised by some of the choices but overall I think it’s an amazing representation of the excellent fantasy books out there.

For those who don’t know, there are only three awards, the Ravenheart for best cover art. the Morningstar for best debut novel and the Legend award for best novel. Voting is open to the public so go vote! Go! Go on!

Check out the Gemmell Awards site for more info but I think this SFX link displays the nominees better I know who’s got my vote.

3. Hurrah For Science – Hyperloop & Jetpacks



This week, Elon Musk the founder of things like Paypal and SpaceX announced his proposal for a super-fast rail-like system called Hyperloop that could travel at around 1200 kilometres an hour. That means you could travel London to Edinburgh in just over 30 minutes. Wow, right?
His proposal uses a train-like pod that sits on a bed of air inside an almost airless tube. The ‘pod’ is then shot down this tube using magnets. The whole thing is said to be earthquake proof and tickets could be reasonably cheap. Sounds like the future to me!
Read more here at NewScientist.  


I’m only putting this in there because jetpacks are coming to a shop near you and dammit do I want one! Okay, okay so it’s noisier than that girl you regret bringing back to your parents’ house that one time and YES it’s going to cost a huge amount of money but come on… I ‘m sure your first child really won’t mind being pawned off if it means you get to jetpack to work everyday. Honest. More over at Motherboardvice.


2. Dr Who Does Google Maps

Screen shot 2013-08-15 at 21.52.01

This is the coolest Easter Egg ever! It was found this week that if you use Google Maps Streetview, find the TARDIS on Earl’s Court Road in London and then click on the little white arrows on the floor directly outside the TARDIS you… Well, just give it a go. Here’s the link you need because I’m just too good to you.


1. Breaking Bad returns and brings the greatest Star Trek idea ever 

This week the internet was buzzing about the return of the final 8 episodes of Breaking Bad but NO ONE was expecting this nugget of Star Trek genius to appear too. In the episode, Jesse’s stoner friends Badger and Skinny Pete were discussing Star Trek and Badger explained his idea for an episode. Basically the Enterprise crew are bored so decide to have a pie eating contest. Chekov cheats by means of the teleporter but then it all goes wrong… Check out this brilliant animation of the scene.

Bonus Video: Wolverine The Musical

Simply because it’s brilliant.

So there we have it folks, another week of SF/F condensed down in to ten-ish items. Be sure to check back next week for more.

If you want to read the previous Weekly SF/F Top 10, you can do here.

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  1. The Doctor Who/TARDIS GMap is pretty awesome – combined with the Diagon Alley GMap, it’s good to see the UK slowly incorporate the fantastic elements that make it great into its landscape. I really hope there’ll soon be a GMap of Hobbiton in New Zealand.

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