Top 5 most eXcellent X-Men over on Pornokitsch


Well, what can I say except, it’s been a while.

….And that’s all I’m saying on the matter.

But what better way to kick things off again than with a post about the X-men! Okay, okay, it’s not my post but I’m in it as those fine folks at Pornokitch have another of their ever fabulous Friday Fives articles. This week the theme is ‘Most Excellent X-Person’.

I still can’t believe that out of all the hundreds of X-men there is, three of us picked the same one to be in our Top Five and I PROMISE you won’t be expecting who it is…

Below you can find the first three of my top five X-men but for the rest you’ll have to head on over to Pornokitsch for the full list of TWENTY awesome X-people as chosen by eXperts (self-appointed and completely uncredited experts) in all things comic books.

PolarisPolaris: Everyone talks about how cool Magneto is – Oooh look he can bend spoons, he’s like Marvel’s very own Uri Gellar – and Polaris often gets forgotten but she’s so much cooler than old Maggie. First of all she has the same ability to control metal but she can also have super strength, she’s been the leader of X-factor (which is the grittier younger brother of the X-Men) and did I mention her green hair? Polaris is one of the only characters in comics who can pull off hulked-out hair (hang your emerald head in shame Doc Sampson).

NightcrawlerNightcrawler: The face of a demon and the soul of an angel,  Nightcrawler is the true heart of the X-Men. Everyone adores a swashbuckler and a magician and Nightcrawler’s both as he’s adept with sabres and with his powers of teleportation he can BAMF out of sight in puff of smoke. The only downside is this smoke smells of sulphur (actually it’s a gas from the pocket universe but we can talk about this another time) which means every time he uses his power he effectively drops a rotter…

deadpoolDeadpool: Naysayers will nay and say that Deadpool isn’t an X-Man (despite his trying) but Wolverine made ‘Pool a member of X-Factor and that’s good enough for me gosh darn it! Deadpool, a.k.a the Merc with the Mouth, is one of the funniest, craziest and ultimately most tragic characters in the Marvel universe. ‘Pool can regrow limbs, he’s got two voices in his head (they all frequently argue), he says “Bang Bang” when shooting his gun and he refers to poo as a stink pickle. Beyond this, he’s a master assassin, a maniac mercenary and jibbers near-incoherent hilarity while slicing and dicing enemies.

And that’s all you’re getting from me until you get yourselves over to Pornokitch to read the full thing. If you like X-men then you won’t be disappointed and equally if you like your genre cool, fun, well considered and just plain awesome then you want to give Porno an explore. It’s the best damn genre site on the planet and I promise that despite the name it’s safe for work.

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