The Weekly SFF Top Ten 30/08/13

Welcome back to the new and improved weekly SFF round-up of the top ten best, funniest, coolest or most inane things that have happened in the last week and are guaranteed to get you through Friday boredom.

This week we have everything from Bill and Ted, Firefly’s back (kinda) and clever giraffes to Klingons, the Joker’s back, Power Rangers and Tarantino does Doctor Who…

Oh oh oh and don’t miss our Bonus Round featuring some of the greatest SFF Porn Parodies EVER! Enjoy.

On with the Top Ten!

10. Man Chased By A Raptor

And do you know what’s even more terrifying than raptors?


Clever Girl…


9. Say Allons-y again MuvvaF*cker I dare you!


Know what they call fish fingers and custard in Paris? Can you wear a fez in a cinema in Amsterdam? I LOVE this Tarantino/Who mash-up t-shirt design.

It’s no secret that this year marks 50 years of the Doctor and that both Tennant and Smith will be starring side by side as their respective iterations of the Doctor.

Now say Allons-y again, I double dare ya and check out the full design over on 

8. Green Power Ranger Movie?


So what I’m thinking is… with a Godzilla movie coming out next year, a DragonZord would make a bloody good Mechagodzilla, don’t you think?

7. Read the original script to the Bats Vs Soups movies


So we all know that there’s going to be a *Spoiler Alert* Batman Vs Superman movie *End Spoiler Alert* but did you know that back in 2002 there was a script floating about for this very movie? Yup, and iO9 have that very script for your perusal.

6. Ultron has been cast!


There’s a small chance that I’m in the only person in the world to get excited about this stuff but the role of Ultron in Avengers 2 has been cast! And it’s, er… James Spader.

To be honest, he looks like the kind of guy who’d slime all over your girlfriend while you’re getting the drinks – not quite the guy to play a maniacal android, though, I’m sure I’ll be proven wrong! I just wish I’d gotten to see Paul Bettany go evil Jarvis on us all, but oh well.
Via Marvel




Dark Horse comics have teased the first above image on their Twitter and the second image along with a message on their blog which includes this sentence:

Dark Horse is proud to be able to keep Mal and his crew flying with new comics and products.

Keep an eye out on Twitter and Facebook for the Hashtag #WheresSerenity.

4. Bill And Ted Back Together… Kinda


There are a lot of young people out there who don’t know who the in the name of time travelling phonebooths, Bill and Ted are. Well I’d tell those whippersnappers to go Goggle it on those Smutphones of yours and leave us 26 year old wrinklies to the hope. The hope that the Wild Stallions will ride again!
Via Buzzfeed. 

3. Alternative KLINGONS!

Klingons 3

We didn’t see nearly enough of the Klingons in Star Trek Into Darkness but what we did see was amazing and put me in to full fanboy mode. This week we’ve been given a look at discarded designs for those famous brows. Sexy stuff indeed. Well… sexy as in cool and very little else really. Via

2. Joker and Harley Quinn Vine

This doesn’t need an explanation. This simply is wonderful.
Hover over the video and click the speaker to hear what’s being said.

1. Nintendo 2D


So, outta the blue, Nintendo released something that pretty much everyone instantly dismissed as a hoax. Except… it’s not a hoax. This is the Nintendo 2DS. It plays 3DS games without the 3D and is hingeless. It also looks like one of those unbreakable electronic learning things that you give to 4 year olds which make a Baaa noise whenever you touch the sheep picture.

The 2DS makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever but I’m a huge Nintendo fan and I’m sure they know what they’re doing. I mean, just look at the WiiU, everyone dismissed that and it turned out to be a trium… Man, I can’t even say it. Nintendo, what are you doing?
Via GeekTyrant

BONUS POST: SF/F Porn (NSFW once you click the link)


This is in no way a new thing but iO9 have compiled the ultimate list of porn parodies. Including such classics as Whore Of The Rings (which features the One Dildo) to Buffy The Vampire Layer, Playmate Of The Apes and possibly my favourite title, Backside To The Future.

Although you can click through to the article and nothing will start playing (or moaning), I think it goes without saying that this is TOTALLY NSFW.

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  1. That Smith/Tennant pose happened a lot at the Cardiff Comic Con over the weekend. There were 2 cosplayers who couldn’t stop getting mobbed. It was awesome.

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