Where’s The Zombies By Paul Moran – Book Review

Where’s Wally with Zombies – How can it go wrong? IT CAN’T. And there’s so much right!

I spent a lot of my childhood with puzzle picture books – I’m a big fan of Where’s Wally and I remember constantly rereading the Usborne Young Puzzle Adventure series; Puzzle Mountain, Puzzle Town and Puzzle Island (where Sam Swashbuckle is hunting for hidden treasure on a puzzle packed treasure island). For this reason, I had heaps of fun revisiting my youth with a puzzle book inclusive of a Parental Advisory Gruesome Scenes Warning.wheres_the_zombies

Where’s The Zombies is 48 pages of full colour illustrations that are comic value mixed with pure gore as you hunt for the “patient zero” family of living dead among the anarchy of the zombie apocalypse.

A science experiment goes horribly wrong (shocker) and Scientist, Joel Peters becomes infected bringing the transmittable joy home to share with his family. The new strain of ZX-5 virus is highly contagious and it vital that the entire family are found and contained before the disease spreads any further. The family you are scouring each page for includes mum and dad, grandma and granddad, some creepy twins, the cheerleader sister, skater brother and zombie dog and cat.

It’s not as easy you would think scouring for ten individual zombies and an additional ten medical kits. In fact when they are deliberately hidden behind beheaded, festering corpses some un-PG words might have been used trying to find them! The book gets better as the apocalypse escalates and anarchy on the streets ensues. The white house is over run, vigilantes take matters into their own hands and the military take the usual attitude and gun down everything in sight. The attack on Lightening Science Laboratories is my favourite page. It’s a horror scene even without the zombies – macabre experiments and man-animal hybrids loose of their cages! Gruesome delights wait every page turn, decapitating alligators, power drills to the brain and flame throwers cooking human shish kebabs. There’s also an unfortunate dog attack to the groin.

Once you reach the end, the results are given and you get lots more objects to go back and find including such extras as “zombie superhero” and “a delicious green brain”.

It’s not my usual book review but I had a really good time putting the 18+ factor on a childhood favourite. It’s a bit like adding vodka to jelly… but in literary form!

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