She Who Waits by Daniel Polansky – World Exclusive Cover Reveal

SRC coverLast year I was handed a book and told that it would be one of the best fantasy books I’d ever read. The book was The Straight Razor Cure by Daniel Polansky and I ended up reading the entire thing in one sitting. In short, it blew my mind.

I then quickly picked up the sequel, Tomorrow The Killing and that book now sits in my top ten favourite ever fantasy novels.

TTK coverIt’s a perfectly put together piece of gritty fantasy with one of the coolest and well realised protagonists you’ll find anywhere.
Seriously, Warden talks and thinks with a wit you wish you had and despite being a messed up character he knows himself and with his own moral code he weaves his own line through Low Town.  His character alone is enough to keep me coming back for more but throw in a grizzled supporting cast and a setting that drips with stabbed backs and uneasy politics and you’ll soon begin to realise why you need to read these novels.

So as you can imagine, I had quite the fanboy grin when we got offered the WORLD EXCLUSIVE reveal to the third book in the series, She Who Waits. In fact, I’m still grinning now.

Just to delay the reveal a little longer… be sure to check out the official She Who Waits cover blurb at the bottom of this post and check back at JFJ early next week for your chance to win a copy of She Who Waits months before it hits bookshops!

Okay, okay, I’ll stop with the teasing. Here it is, the cover to She Who Waits:


SWW Full Cover

Look at that thing! Even if I’d never heard of the Low Town novels that cover would make me want to pick it up off a book shelf.

Now look how gorgeous all three covers look when they’re lined up:

SRC cover TTK cover SWW

That’s some sexy stuff right there!

So what’s She Who Waits all about? Well, here’s the blurb from what is sure to be one of the best fantasy books of the 2013.

Low Town: the worst ghetto in the worst city in the Thirteen Lands. 

Good only for depravity and death. And Warden, long ago a respected agent in the formidable Black House, is now the most depraved Low Town denizen of them all.

As a younger man, Warden carried out more than his fair share of terrible deeds, and never as many as when he worked for the Black House. But Warden’s growing older, and the vultures are circling. Low Town is changing, faster than even he can control, and Warden knows that if he doesn’t get out soon, he may never get out at all.

But Warden must finally reckon with his terrible past if he can ever hope to escape it. A hospital full of lunatics, a conspiracy against the corrupt new king and a ghetto full of thieves and murderers stand between him and his slim hope for the future. And behind them all waits the one person whose betrayal Warden never expected. The one person who left him, broken and bitter, to become the man he is today.  

The one woman he ever loved. 

She who waits behind all things.

Exciting right!

As I said above, make sure you check back early next week for how to win a copy of She Who Waits months before it’s released and in the meantime grab yourself a copy of the first two books and discover your new favourite series.

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  2. Paul says:

    Do I have to go to ‘Infinity + 1′ want it the most, before we get an argument?

  3. If it helps, I wanted at lunchtime but my work pc wouldn’t let me comment :(

    Still want now, but the cry lacks the same punch as these first wanters.

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