The Zombie Survival Guide – a Cool Collector’s Edition!

So here’s something really cool that we got our hands on this week – a copy of Max Brooks’s bestselling Zombie Survival Guide, with a scribble from the author himself on the cover . . .


There is an explanation for why this copy has been so ruthlessly defaced by the author.

This edition is a reissue timed to coincide with the DVD release of World War Z, and most copies were printed featuring a guy wielding a hatchet. But a few copies feature a chainsaw instead, immediately making them rare editions. But to make them even more collectable, author Max Brooks dropped by his publisher’s office on his recent London visit and scrawled all over them.

The Zombie Survival Guide makes it very clear that a chainsaw is a terrible weapon to fight a horde of zombies with, hence Max Brooks scrawling ‘About to die!’ all over them – which is both educational and very cool at the same time.

We’re big fans of Max Brooks at J For Jetpack and highly recommend both The Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z (the book of course; the film version rather split opinion).

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  1. To be fair, they should have kept the chainsaw cover but with Max’s added doodles and printed that – it looks pretty cool.

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